Rabu, 10 September 2014

Glory is Life Action post part 2

Last night Steve & Jeremiah both taught. I really enjoyed Jeremiah's lesson on Glory. And have decided to share my notes from it.

What is Glory? When God's holy life goes public. Lesson from Jeremiah 13:1-11

Questions asked:

Do you understand your responsibility when you call yourself a Christian? To do it all in the Glory of God. To Honor Him, To put nothing before him.

What is an idol? Anything that absorbs your heart and imagination more than God.

Jeremiah then asked us, "what is an idol in your life?" Immediately a word popped into my head. I said to myself.."no, thats not an idol."

He gave the diagram of: When you Refuse to Listen ->you become stubborn ->which leads you to create idols ->and makes your life worthless.

He gave the illustration of standing in front of a mirror and said, "Whatever is in front of you is what you will reflect." I began to think of how many time I have watch a popular reality tv show that is about singles throwing themselves at a man..is that what I want to reflect? Or how about being too busy in the morning to sit down with God, first thing. An idol?

Jeremiah then said, "I asked you earlier what was an idol in your life. I am sure something popped into your head, and you said to yourself no...thats not an idol"

So he gave a list:
~Work: do you work more than you spend time with God?
~Kids: do you spend so much time being a good mom, you lack the time to be a Godly mom?
~Marriage: Do you value your spouse more than God?
~TV: Do you watch more television than you spend time with God?
~Shopping: Do you spend more on stuff than you give to your church?
~Eating: Do you invest time into food when others are hungry?
~Money: Do you store away money while your church needs help providing?
~Reputation: Do you value your reputation as a "good Christian"? It takes more than showing up for worship, going to Sunday School and tithing to be a Christian.
~Fear: Does your fears control you?

At the end of the service he asked us to write down that word(s) that was our idol. And then he asked us, if we felt led, to come and place it on the alter and give it to God. I took my word down, prayed and asked God for his guidance in this matter.

What are your idols?

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