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Life Action post

This week, we have the pleasure of hosting Life Action at our church. They were here last year and I took away so much from their teachings. We have alot of friends that have moved or on mission trips and are missing this week, so I am posting my notes from each lesson. They will not be in order of how they were taught to us, but I will do my best to post them all.

Our first lesson is from 2/12 pm service. Steve taught about "The sport of fools"

We as humans, find it normal to look at our life and compare it to others. I spoke about coveting a few weeks ago, and this lesson, spoke words to me. Here are the steps that he discussed how we become discontent with our lives.

*Discontentment: A lack of gratitude for what God has provided.*
Discussion from 2 Corinthians 10:12 & Psalm 73

I. Comparison: we compare us to them.
a. Home: examples: They are building a new home, our house is small, we need a big home...even if we can't afford it.
b. Mate: examples: we see their spouse at their best and ours at their worst. Then we compare the two.
c. Finances: examples: I would love to go on a European vacation like them, but we can't afford it. We can't even pay our bills. I bet they never have that problem. It must be nice to be rich.
d. Clothes: examples: I can't wear these shoes! They are old and ugly. I wish I had shoes like hers.
e. Acceptance: examples: She is so outgoing, and has lots of friends. I don't fit in anywhere, I don't belong to anyone.
f. Marital Status: examples: Why am I still single and my little sister is engage? why did my marriage fail and theirs work?
g: Parents: examples: I wish my parents had of done that for me. Why does my dad wear black socks with sandals?
h: Future: Never in a million years will my life be as good as theirs.

II.Complain: Ways we whine.
a. Negative: When you are always negative eventually you become...
b. Angry: and after being angry for so long you just become....
c. Bitter

III.Criticize: Your spouse, your boss, your friends, your children....

IV. Condemn
a. Assume negative (the worst about a situation)
b. Judgmental
c. Gossip

Steve shared a story about a family whose 5 year old was diagnosed with leukemia. Instead of the family going into the initial meeting with the doctors having a "why me" attitude. They decided to "Make God look good in all circumstances". Throughout treatment dr.'s and nurses commented on how great their outlook was. And they shared that it was because of the Lord. How often do we allow God to look good in all circumstances?

How can we fix our discontentment?

I. Confess
a. Specific areas
b. self pride
c. the need to rejoice

II. Change your focus
a. yourself
b. pride
c. others
d. insecurities

at the end he challenged us to get in groups of 3/4 and talk about where we have discontentment in our lives and to pray that God helps us remove these. I was in a group with some of the older members of our church. We shared, then I led the prayer. I am not a group prayer (hard to believe with as much as i like to talk...) but I felt God saying, "let go of your pride, and speak to me, just like you do when its just us."

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